innovating the way you work
The FastPROD is a production software that automatically generates the product composition.
Automatic and precise management of stock.
Calculation of waste
Cost simulations
Management and control of daily production
Budgeting accurately.
Several analyzes to the production
Easy identification of the more produced dimensions.
Identifying the most profitable dimensions.
But unlike the usual production systems, in which each product has a fixed composition which requires set up of all types of products to produce, the FastPROD is parameterized in such a way that it allows the product to be different compositions, depending on their characteristics or dimensions.
This also allows enterprises that produces customized products, have a production system that knows how will be the entire composition of the product, from the dimensions of the parts that must be produced and consequent waste, to the quantities of the smallest but not least part (eg .: screw), independently of the dimensions of the product to be produced.
DBOM - Dynamic Build Of Materials