innovating the way you work
With several years of expertise in software development, especially for automation and optimization of processes in industrial environments, we have at your disposal, several innovative software that allow you to take full advantage of the resources of your company and your customers.
Often are not global solutions that best fits your needs.
With our new technology, your business can be more effective than ever.
Our software can be integrated with your ERP so you can provide a more complete solution.
The innovative way of planning with our solution of APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) inoPLAN, allowing you to easily get the best planning for complex environments.
A new way of producing with our solution of D-BOM (Dynamic Build Of Materials) FastProd, that allows you to dynamically define the composition of your products, even when produced by measure.
The integrated GSTMold CRM & ORM, designed specifically for mold production companies.
As such, we have developed specific and innovative solutions for various sectors such as: